AR Art Portal

This is a work in progress, the idea is that artist can upload their artworks here:
Once uploaded the art will appear in the virtual gallery using an augmented reality portal. See the video below:

Pixel Art Pro

Here is a video showing basic use including how to import an existing tile sheet from your photos using the app extension:

Please support my development efforts by bidding for this NFC which is the first animation I created using Pixel Art Pro while developing it.


Here is a video showing game play:


I'm honoured to anounce that Gabriel Price from has kindly added Marbalisitic to his Hidden Gems - Top action games to play on iOS


Happy Hoppy Frog

Here is a video showing game play:

Credit for the music must go to:

Illusive Dawn (Organoid) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Happy Hoppy Frog

A new automatic face morphing program for iPad/iPhone!

Demo made with MorphUs in just minutes!

A unique puzzle game for the iPad/iPhone!

Fruityloops gameplay demo


An exchange rate calculator for iPhone/iPad and Apple watch

Watch app screen shots

Screen shot of iPhone app

Please also contact me if you need an iOS developer - I'm often open to remote work


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